Incentive Services

Move more vehicles with the best available offers

Instant access to incentive programs

Transform the buying experience with our comprehensive incentives products that provide consistently accurate information for powering your software solutions.

Our powerful incentives web service provides incentive offers directly from captive manufacturers and select non-captive finance companies based on varying credit tiers and geography. Our solutions enable you to provide all buyers the best possible payment options on U.S. and Canadian vehicles. The API gives consumers, dealers and OEMs the confidence to make informed pricing and payment decisions, enabling loans to be closed faster than ever. Our service allows you to provide buyers with the best possible payment options – even for customers with lower credit scores.

Increase engagement and generate more high-quality leads

Whether you’re a dealer, a third-party portal, service provider, or you demand data for a robust desking or finance platform, our up-to-date incentive products allow for a deal-centric process and a flexible, customer-friendly purchase experience. To ensure accuracy and eligibility, all offers are regionally precise based on a customer’s zip or postal code and are mapped to a vehicle identifier, such as a VIN or Chrome Style ID. Our solutions provide the data needed to power your digital showrooms, empowering the car buyer to configure a payment that accounts for credit tier, LTV and conditional incentives.

Seamless integration

Powering all of your advertising, marketing and software channels as well as your desking and finance platform data needs, our API gives consumers, dealers and OEMs the confidence to make informed pricing and payment decisions, enabling loans to be closed faster than ever. Our solution is easily integrated into your existing databases, pages, applications and campaigns to generate engagement and increase conversion rates. Our incentives service also seamlessly integrates with our other ChromeData and media products to provide a comprehensive solution.

We are a one-stop shop

Our Chrome Style ID integrates between all of our products for the most complete and accurate portfolio of vehicle data, content and technology available industrywide.

The automotive road to purchase

Out of the 26 touchpoints common during the average car shopper’s journey, incentives data is required for 14 of them (shown in white).

The role of incentives in digital retailing

As shoppers move to shopping online instead of visiting dealerships, the automotive industry has been focusing on creating a cohesive and all-encompassing customer experience both online and off. The ability for shoppers to configure payments that account for buyer criteria has rapidly expanded the need for more robust financial data to allow for more transparent and accurate calculations

Obtaining timely and accurate rates, residuals, rebates and incentives continues to be a challenge for partners across the automotive industry. As OEMs compete with one another and react to the competition’s offers, incentives are constantly changing. Dealers need the ability to accurately and transparently market, price and desk their vehicles both in-store and online. Our services support their desire to quickly present complete and competitive deals that translate from their website to the showroom.

Features and benefits

  • Captive OEM & select non-captive bank rates, residuals and incentives with rates for all applicable and available credit tiers, including dealer cash
  • Geographical search capability means users receive a complete picture of national and regional incentives
  • Includes transaction type, lenders, program term, credit tier and score and LTV for new and Certified Pre-Owned vehicles
  • Incredibly fast REST API service
  • Hourly updates give users instant data access for the most accurate and up-to-date decision making
  • Breadth and depth of coverage serves financial professionals at all levels
  • Robust VIN decode, utilizing OEM Build Data and matched to Automotive Description Service
  • Seamless integration with VIN and Chrome Style ID for use with all other ChromeData products
  • 24/7 support

Eliminate the hassle of incentive data mining

Incentive Watch provides an interactive library of all automotive incentives, updated daily and delivered through an easy-to-use software application helping you to maintain your competitive edge. By using Incentive Watch to monitor the incentive actions across the industry, you’ll be free of the stress that comes with doing your own time-consuming research of the competition. Incentive Watch gives you the information and competitive comparison views you need to protect your residual values, including cashback, lease, finance and special program offers.

We heavily invest in automation of our data

We are the only company that puts emphasis on processing all incentives data for the U.S. and Canada on day one of the monthly incentives refresh. We assume that our customers are everywhere instead of providing only what our current customers demand.

The value at stake is substantial. An automaker usually spends about 10 to 20 percent of its revenues on incentives — for a $50 billion company, that’s $5-10 billion. *

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