Reach in-market shoppers with micro-targeted video campaigns across leading media platforms

In today’s fiercely competitive marketplace, your dealership needs an affordable video strategy that reaches prospects where they are already spending their time. Our approach emotionally engages shoppers with vehicle-specific content that draws them to further interest and action. Your one-stop provider for all video marketing, UnityWorks drives search lift and store visits with our data-driven campaigns.

Multi-platform video advertising like you’ve never seen before.

Video is emotionally engaging. Target low sales funnel auto intenders with Custom Model and Dynamic Inventory video ads across multiple media platforms. UnityWorks’ proven and tested video exceeds industry benchmarks for completed views, clicks and showroom traffic. Our high-quality, brand-compliant video ads market your dealership, offers and inventory.

These model-specific ads are customized for your dealership to promote any vehicle or service campaign. We utilize our in-house video content studio to feature your branding, offers, running footage and a strong call to action. Our tried-and-true Custom Model Video Ads are used daily by thousands of dealers across the country.

These VIN-specific ads start off with a model and dealer-selected offer, followed by VINs directly from your inventory. As VINs featured in the ad sell, they are automatically replaced by other new or used inventory units. Multiple exterior and interior images are presented for each VIN, and AI image recognition adjusts the photos to optimally merchandise each VIN. Our first-in-the-industry Dynamic Inventory Video Ads are an exciting complement to your video advertising strategy.

Facebook & Instagram Logos

With 239 million active U.S. users every month spending an average of 50 minutes during 14+ visits a day, Facebook video campaigns are among the most efficient and cost-effective ways to target and engage your customers. With only about 1.7 seconds to create enough of an impression for a “thumb stop,” it is imperative that your video unit gets an in-market shopper to stop and view.

Instagram is owned by Facebook, and it provides a complementary media platform that attracts a younger audience who look for highly visual content and experiences. With over 80 million active users in the U.S. who visit their page over 13 times each day, Instagram provides a great opportunity for dealers to share their new model video ads to in-market shoppers. Users want relevant, short, fast-paced ads that showcase the products in action.

Each Facebook and Instagram campaign features dealer-branded video content highlighting a selected model, key selling messages and offers created specifically for newsfeeds. The video ads communicate even when viewed in muted play to drive traffic to custom landing pages on your website.

Facebook Video Carousel Ads with VIN images

Drive interest in your inventory with 15-second dealer-branded video ads. Our dealer-branded Facebook carousel video ads are followed by clickable images of specific new vehicles in stock. After the carousel video ads are presented, in-market auto shoppers can easily swipe to view your vehicles and click to go straight to your VDPs. Captivate a new car buyer on one of the industry’s most effective marketing platforms and get them to take action by visiting your website or dealership.

YouTube is the second largest search engine and the leading video source among new automotive purchasers. This world-class media platform has unmatched potential to drive engagement, search lift and dealership visits. UnityWorks offers skippable 20-second video ads that drive home your messaging, as well as 6-second non-skippable bumper ads that echo and amplify your longer ad units. YouTube is the only platform that allows us to measure which shoppers viewed an in-stream ad in its entirety and actually visited a dealership. With UnityWorks’ in-stream TrueView ads, dealers only pay if the prospect watches an entire video or clicks the ad.

Google’s Display & Video 360 enables you to place ads within a radius of your dealership on thousands of leading websites and mobile gaming apps. These 30-second skippable ad units are served as pre-roll ads prior to video content on any device. This platform allows for precise targeting of competitive models. Video ads on this platform have consistently outperformed all other media platforms when it comes to dealer website click-throughs.

Connected TV OTT Header

With a recent decline in cable TV usage, you can no longer rely on traditional TV advertising to reach the 2 million qualified in-market shoppers who will buy a new car in the next 60 days. Over-the-Top TV (OTT), also known as Connected TV, includes any internet-connected TV or device that enables users to access content through an app (Netflix, Hulu). Current popular connection methods include smart TVs, gaming consoles (Xbox, PlayStation) and multimedia devices (Roku, Apple TV, Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV). OTT is an ideal way to reach cord-cutters (people who no longer wish to pay for monthly cable subscriptions) and cord-nevers.

Now the #3 digital advertising platform behind Google and Facebook, Amazon identifies auto intenders by segment and zip code using trusted first-party data. Customized non-skippable dealer ad units are accessed through Amazon’s Fire TV and served on the Freedive app (85M users) or through a third-party app. Our HD-quality, full-screen TV ads are a valuable addition to your overall video strategy.

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