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From our personalized video experiences to our dynamic, video-enabled landing pages and merchandising tools, we create innovative, industry-leading video content and campaigns that drive engagement and increase sales throughout the purchase journey. UnityWorks provides a dynamic merchandising component to complement a deep arsenal of established automotive marketing and sales solutions.

Our data-driven microtargeted sales and service campaigns are supported by customized landing pages delivered through the world’s largest media platforms—Facebook, YouTube, Google Marketing Platform, Over-the-Top TV/Connected TV, Amazon and Instagram. We leverage each media platform to precisely geo-target the right audience for every dealership. All advertising content is created specifically for each platform to deliver the most effective campaign results. That is why OEMs depend on UnityWorks’ in-house video content services and campaign management expertise to deliver thousands of campaigns yearly for their dealers.

Model Video Showcase bu UnityWorks featured on desktop device

Model Video Showcase

Our Model Video Showcase is a customized campaign landing page for your multi-channel video campaigns delivered through any of the leading video platforms or email. These dynamic and content-rich videos are designed to emotionally engage shoppers with compelling, personalized experiences.

With just a few clicks, our videos move your shoppers closer to the vehicle of their choice at your dealership. These videos feature OEM-approved footage and photos that highlight the featured campaign model along with additional video content and current local offers. Shoppers can also easily navigate to a 60-second virtual test drive of any model within your lineup.

Customer Retention Campaigns

We specialize in helping dealers grow their owner and lease renewals with campaigns that combine video-enabled email and Facebook advertising to maximize reach and frequency with customized marketing messages. Whether they lease or own, targeting your current customers with personalized communication is the most effective and cost-efficient way to stay top-of-mind and maintain customer loyalty.

UnityWorks customer retention video campaigns displayed on iPad and smart phone devices
Personalized video by UnityWorks on Android Smart phone

Personalized Video Campaigns

Our data-driven personalized video landing pages are used throughout the industry by leading retail automotive marketing companies. These video landing pages combine video, text, offers, links, dealer branding and customer personalization – to create a truly personalized experience that drives more engagement and ultimately more sales.

We can choreograph all content on the page to meet the requirements of any segment or individual — supporting sales, service and recall campaigns. These dynamic video landing pages can be enabled through multiple channels including email, display and video advertising and are an ideal destination pages for customer lifecycle marketing programs.

Video Enabled Email

Emotionally connect with automotive shoppers using our conquest-focused email campaigns that target in-market auto intenders within a geo-targeted area around your store. Personalized campaigns address prospects on an individual level, increasing open and click-through rates, driving an emotional connection between the prospect and your brand. Each video email campaign includes multiple email deployments and an animated GIF embedded in the email for stronger engagement and higher clicks to your website or video-enabled landing page.

Video enabled email by UnityWorks displayed on iPad

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