Power your automotive ecosystem with a connected digital strategy

Make sense of the digital chaos

With countless technology companies seeking business from automotive dealers, selecting the right one(s) for a dealership can be a daunting task. J.D. POWER SMARTDIGITALSM simplifies the process for dealers by vetting the best providers in the industry. We curate a set of proven digital partners who offer dealer websites, digital advertising, digital retailing, reputation management, SEO, display, video and more, while still providing flexibility and choice for a dealership’s specific needs and budget.

We are reinventing how dealer digital programs operate. Combining all of our data assets, technology and strategic acquisitions, we will drive the future of automotive digital programs. We offer more than provider orchestration and bill paying. We bring forward the collective capabilities of our enterprise to your business and your dealers’ digital marketing programs. We do not just coordinate; we provide leadership and strategy to drive more sales and service opportunities for dealers. J.D. POWER SMARTDIGITALSM addresses the industry’s digital chaos in a new, transparent and efficient way. We are here to evolve the automotive customer experience, while creating strong partnerships for the entire ecosystem of OEMs, dealers and partners along the way.

Customer engagement with digital program solutions contribute to over 40% of all retail sales

Over 80% of our program dealers participate in the certified program solutions

Take control of your customer experience

Autodata Solutions has utilized its industry-leading talent to launch certified programs for OEMs and more than 7,000 dealers, contributing to 40% of retail sales. Our J.D. POWER SMARTDIGITALSM platform addresses the industry’s digital challenges by driving consistency between OEMs, their dealers and third-party websites. Our third-party lead program provides dealers with the best leads in the industry, yielding two times the close rates of our competitors. The platform promotes consumer retention, regulates brand standards, optimizes OEM/dealer digital spend and improves the overall consumer experience – all while generating more sales and service opportunities.

We have differentiated our solution as a leader in automotive digital retail by upholding our mission of transparency. We will always provide full visibility into selection criteria, performance data, management fees and financials of our providers. Ultimately, we must have complete alignment with the goals and objectives of OEMs and their dealers.

  • Proven Partner Solutions

    There are just too many digital choices for dealers to wade through. We simplify the process for dealers by vetting the best dealer service providers that meet strict performance KPIs.

  • Data & Content Integration

    We syndicate our certified inventory records, pricing, incentives and video content across tiers and partners to guarantee consistency and accuracy for effective digital retailing.

  • Unbiased Measurement & Insights

    All performance reporting is displayed on one simple and easyto-consume business intelligence dashboard that shows both dealer and providers’ performance through standardized metrics

  • Efficient Tech Platforms

    The breadth of our technology platforms is unmatched in the industry. We are able to quickly transition dealers to their new programs for all services from enrollment through operations through analytics.

  • Expert Advisors & Support

    A J.D. Power-certified team of support agents and in-field digital consultants help dealers navigate their digital ecosystems and advise them on how to make the most of their digital spend.

Innovation for a changing industry

Because the automotive digital landscape is constantly changing, we introduce dealers to new innovative offerings that are still in incubation. Through our exclusive partnership with MotorMindz, we evaluate hundreds of new retail digital solutions offerings each year and select a few cutting-edge products and services. We sponsor opportunities for dealers to pilot these innovative services as part of our J.D. POWER SMARTDIGITALSM program. This ground-level evaluation allows us to continuously enhance our clients’ digital programs and stay on the forefront of technology.

“National Dealer Advisory Board believes that Honda has successfully addressed its concerns with respect to the HDCX program and that the program represents the best OEM-sponsored website and digital marketing program in the industry. “

- William S. Feinstein

Chairman, Honda National Dealer Advisory Board

Planet Honda, Union, NJ


  • Our program provides data insights and integration to drive sales and optimize dealer spend.
  • Our program is broad. We offer a complete suite of technology platforms.
  • Our program is fully configurable. With all systems already in place, we can design any program and launch quickly.
  • We are true partners to providers. We are not looking to undercut fees but rather provide value-added services as part of the program.
  • We bring together best-in-breed providers. We select proven partners based on past performance and strict KPIs that correlate to sales.
  • We offer alignment between OEMs, providers and dealers so that everybody wins.

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